Location, location, location…

The location of your business is important.  Where you are tells your customers a lot about you and about your ability to provide them with the service they require.  Traditionally telephone numbers have been tied to a particular location, and people’s perceptions about where you are in a large part still governed by the number that you choose for your business.

In addition to location based STD codes you also have a choice of non-geographic telephone numbers such as 0845 numbers that intentionally mask your location.  Companies often choose these if they are offering a national service, but although the example used is only charged at a local rate, some customers perceive them as being more expensive.  There is also the option of toll-free non-geographic such as 0800 numbers, but for a small business this can be an expensive option.

The non-geographic numbers, just like mobile telephone numbers mask your location, but maybe we want to use our location, or our perceived location to our advantage.  With a hosted telephone system, such as Handset Solutions Hosted Voice, you can choose any geographic number you wish, effectively letting you put your business exactly where you want it. 

If your customers are in a specific location and you provide a local service, why not put your business where your customers are?  You can have multiple numbers, so you can have for example a London number without having to have an office there, with all the calls routing back to a single location or even a single telephone.

For small start up companies this service can be invaluable.  If you have a handful of workers, maybe working from home in different locations, a Hosted Voice solution can put them all together in one location, a location of your choosing.  Advanced, easy to configure routing options enable you to route the incoming calls to all extensions simultaneously, or any particular phone, even your mobile.  And what’s more it gives you all the features of a high-end telephone system for a fraction of the price.  There is no minimum contract, no expensive hardware and the hosted system can grow with you and can go anywhere that you choose to go, without of course any need to change your number. 

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