At Handset Solutions over the last 12 months we have seen a dramatic increase in the sales of Dash Cams.  With the worrying increase in ‘crash-for-cash’ schemes where criminals intentionally cause damage and injury to motorists and their vehicles.  The tactics employed by these criminals can include disabling their own brake lights or encouraging motorists to pull out in front of them by flashing their headlights, before crashing into them.  These underhand tactics are thought to cost the UK insurance industry more than £390 million per year.  A recording from an in-car camera can present the police and the insurance companies with an accurate record of events and help to identify who was to blame.  

Users of Dash Cams can save money on their insurance premiums, simply by having a camera fitted.  Swiftcover were the first insurer to offer a discount to Dash Cam users, reducing premiums by 10% for users, believing that they are likely to be more careful road users.  They also believe Dash Cam evidence will make it quicker and easier to establish fault and save themselves money by processing claims quicker and more efficiently.  Other insurers including AXA and Adrian Flux have also followed suit and now offer similar discounts but we recommend checking the details with the relevant insurer.  

Dash Cam evidence can prove you weren’t to blame in instances where neither part claim liability following an incident and having video evidence can also help settle a claim much quicker in your favour, saving you both extra inconvenience and expense and protecting your valuable, hard-earned no-claims bonus.  

Our best selling model is the Thinkware F750 2 Channel Dash Cam which includes both a front and a rear camera to offer all round protection.  With the optional Hardwire Kit the camera will also watch over your car while it’s parked, increasing the chances of capturing footage of a driver clipping your wing mirror or a vandal keying your vehicle.  In addition to recording the F750 also adds features usually only associated with high-end luxury vehicles.  These include lane departure warnings that will monitor road markings and alert you should you deviate from your lane, and a front collision detection that alerts you should you get too close to the vehicle in front.

If you require any further information or want to discuss the benefits of using a Dash Cam please feel free to contact sales on 01937 302302 or email